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Looking Forward To This Week

Last week was a really blah week for the comics I enjoy, but this week makes up for it a bit.

Spider-Man: Reign #2Though it’s no Dark Knight, I enjoyed the first issue’s “dark and dirty” portrayal of the Peter Parker that could be. Kaare Andrews admits that he’s not the best artist in the industry. When he pencils, inks, colors, and writes there is a synergy that I enjoy.

Just a note. If you missed issue #1, the reprint ships this week as well( sans glans-sorry for the bad pun!). Spectacular Spiderman #33 and Ultimate Spiderman #104 are due to ship too.

Battlestar Galactica #5- I was a sci-fi fan as a kid before adding comics to the mix. The new Battlestar Galactica on the SCIFI network is a can’t miss show for me. The comic is no different. If you are a fan of the television show, you really should be reading this. It’s relationship driven stories are true to its on air show. Greg Pak, the series writer is awesome.Fantastic Four #542

Fantastic Four #542- J. Michael Straczynski’s run on Fantastic Four has been really great. Though he isn’t writing this issue (Dwayne McDuffie pens 542 and 543), the fact that the team is fractured, spread over the globe, and on multiple sides of the Civil War issue, makes this one I’ve been looking forward to. The cover is Great as well (if only it was a full cover, instead of a Civil War cover.)

She Hulk #15- As posted a few days ago, “Planet Without A Hulk” begins here.

52 #37- No cover available, that means something big has to happen, doesnt it? Also,three cheers to DC for having 36 on-time issues from this mini-series.

BTW, four new one-shot spin-offs were announced for the 52 series this week as well.

My DC title’s are a bit skimpy for the week of the 17th, but next week isn’t looking too bad.