(New) New Avengers-One Reveal Left

I’m sitting at work on a break waiting for the end of the day so I can head to the local comic book shop for this week’s stuff. I’m also waiting, semi-patiently for the 8th member of the (New) New Avengers to be revealed over at Newsarama.com.

The line-up so far in case you missed it:

1. Echo ( The old Ronin. I’m not all that excited about this choice)

2. Ronin (Much speculation that this will be Captain America, I’m personally guessing it’s either Hawkeye or Jubilee-Hawk did put his uniform up at the Avengers HQ before he went looking for Wanda in New Avengers #26. Joe Quesada also said that Hawkeye fans would forgive Bendis in an interview late last year.

3 Dr Strange (The most unique pick so far and one that’s going to work well if you ask me)

4. Wolverine (Still one of my favorite superheroes and adds some attitude to the mix)

5. Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew adds some uncertainty to the team with her ties to both S.H.E.I.L.D and Hydra.)

6. Iron Fist (Danny Rand, the man with the $ to replace Tony Starks financial backing)

7. Luke Cage (As the leader? Nice to see him with Iron Fist again)

8. ???

Waiting for number 8 to be revealed anytime now. Most believe it is Spider-Man, some say it’s Hawkeye ( but I think he is already in) others note the lack of power in the group and say it’s Hulk (where have these people been?)

Here is the link to Day 1 reveal in case you want to catch up.

The reaction to the new group so far has had its range of support as expected. Personally, this group seems a bit underpowered as compared to the upcoming Mighty Avengers but I like most of the mix and that this group offers for the most part, a “darker” Avengers team.

I think Spder-Man would be the most obvious pick for number 8, because Bendis has shown that he writes Spidey well. But that wouldn’t really be a surprise…


One response to “(New) New Avengers-One Reveal Left

  1. I agree. I think that Spider-Man is the obvious pick for number 8.

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