Civil War #7 Delay

Civil War #7 to be delayed beyond the 3rd promised ship date.

It feels like all I have written about this week are problems with Marvel’s Civil War. I promise I’m laying off after this post. I personally have enjoyed every issue and have read most of the tie-ins and enjoyed them as well. The lateness has been annoying, but nothing I can’t live with. I just feel the need to pass along the news I find. Without further ado, in the words of Tom Brevoort (Marvel Executive Editor):

At this stage, we’ve finalized the page count for the issue, and as predicted, it’s a bit larger than a normal issue, clocking in at 28 pages. So we’re computing the schedule based on this fact (and now that we’re past the holidays so we can see what kind of effect they had upon everybody’s productivity) and David Gabriel and his guys will have an update on the shipping situation for everybody on Tuesday the 9th!
Extra pages, no extra cost!

At least they can’t have any more delay’s after issue #7. Though technically Marvel DID say the Trade52#36 Paperback version would be delayed in a communication with retailers last week, to allow them to sell through their issues.

OK I PROMISE to get back to happy news in this weeks posts, and will whine no more about lateness issues…unless they delay this week’s Thunderbolt’s #110, Batman #662, or 52 #36(I’m not a fan of this weeks cover though-pictured). At least 2 of the comic’s I’m looking forward to this week are from DC, so my chances are good!


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