More Civil War Issue #6 Fallout

Isotope Comics posted an extremely well written response to the West Coast Civil War #6 shipping issue this week. I completely agree with this idea:

Personally, I don’t think Diamond should distribute any book that has over 50% allocations to my coast if they have the option of waiting a week and filling our complete order the very next week. And for a book as popular as Civil War I feel they should have made our East Coast friends wait as well, if possible.

The Comic Book Publishers may be the “brains” of the “being” that keeps comic book collecting as a hobby alive. The Distributors of those comics may be the “heart” that pumps the books out for consumption. But it’s the retailers who are the “backbone” of Comic Book Collecting. The retailers risk their far more limited capital, sweat, plan and toil to stock the shelves everyday and keep the comic book collector (the lifeblood of comics?) happy and coming back for more. Without those retailers Diamond would be nothing. The publishers? Nothing.

I know Diamond doesn’t want to “sit” on inventory for a week. I know it costs them money for storage, care, etc. But by passing costs and headaches on to the small comic book retailers, forcing the retailer to make decisions in which none of their customers really wins (by the way, I am one of the fan’s who will have to wait– not that you will shed a tear šŸ™‚ ) and to cause these retailers to lose sales when their excited “Civil War fanboys” turn elsewhere is just wrong. A better method of notification at the very least or a better contingency plan needs to be come up with.

I think Isotope made some very valid points in their post and hope the “brains” and “heart” of our awesome hobby listen to their “backbone” to solve these problems in a better way next time.

Soapbox off!


3 responses to “More Civil War Issue #6 Fallout

  1. I agree with you but i think that the comic book compnies should als have stricter rules about their creators. I don’t think anything should be published unless it can be done on time, i think that is the number one promlem today. some of the creators are treated like rock stars and then can do what ever they please with deadlines and the Editors let them and tell the fans too bad…CoughKevinsmith..Cough….

  2. Yep. Thats why I mentioned the publishers in my post too. Ultimately the frustration goes back to their inability to keep Civil War on schedule. Although, in this case, I think Queseda’s reasoning on why to accept the book being late from Steve McNiven, was a good one, it doesn’t make it any less frustrating. I hope next time Marvel gets a “wild hair” up their rear and begins such an important mini series event they remember some of the fallout from this event and remember that a 3 month lead time really wasn’t something they could pull off.

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