Civil War #6 Availability Issues…

It seems the only thing you can be entirely sure about is the lateness and problems Marvel is having getting Civil War out. It seems that there are going to be HUGE availability problems for retailers and fans waiting to see Civil War #6.grumble1.jpg

According to this article West Coast retailers are only receiving about 15% of the comics they need to pass on to the rest of us. Sure the other 85% will likely come next week, but issue 6 was “supposedly” delayed by two-weeks only due to a traditionally slow after-christmas week for comic retailers. It seems to me (as if I didn’t already expect it) someone was pulling our collective chains.

I am not a comic book fan that feels I am entitled to comics on-time-every-time. I believe that by accepting the short delays Marvel will have achieved a consistent look and feel to this important title. I also know unique problems arise on a regular basis for the comic book industry. But failing to notify people via news, a corporate website, or a trusted magazine source is just plain wrong to those who support you. Even if the news is bad, a corporate entity like Marvel or Diamond should own up to problems and inform those they do business with in my opinion.

It only makes good business sense to me, but what do i know?


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