Mighty Avengers Cover Shot-Iron Man Loses?

Marvel released their March ’07 solicits yesterday or today ( I don’t know which since ‘ve been extremely busy the last couple of days) revealing the cover to The Mighty Avengers #1. A cropped portion of the cover is shown in this update.Mighty Avengers #1

In an interview with Comic Book Resources Brian Michael Bendis reveals that in the new one-shot “Civil War: Initiative”:

“One team of Avengers is the sanctioned above ground team that you could on some level see as the winners of ‘Civil War. The other team has lost the war. Each team has a very specific agenda in this world that is very heroic and very necessary for the new Marvel Universe.

So fans now get two teams to follow. The question is which one will be the “legitimate” winners of Civil War?

With Spiderman flip-flopping on Iron Man from the pro-registration to the anti- side in the mini series and the fact that it’s been revealed that Spiderman, along with other anti- heroes will indeed be in The New Avengers. It can only mean one thing.

Captain America and the anti-registration guys win. Seriously, its that or Marvel is going to do a massively insane twist that no one sees coming.

What I don’t get is how they are going to explain how the legislation that Congress passed at the start of Civil War is repealed. I mean in real time it’s only been a week since this craziness started! We all know Congress moves at a snails pace, even in the Marvel world (If anyone has read anything a Marvel insider drop me a comment, I’m curious).

I suppose all I can do is await the release of Civil War #6 in the first week of January for some answers.


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