Online Fanzines and Websites…Part 2

Absolutely the best source of daily comic book news and information online is Newsarama. It’s news page is updated at least once daily and its blog has new information and topics available throughout the day to read and comment on.

The news articles chosen appeal to the “hardcore” as well as “casual” collector, but the overall feel of the site makes it geared more toward that serious, hardcore collector.

One of their more unique features is a daily “page” from Brian Michael Bendis’ Powers and David Mack’s Kabuki comic books. One page isn’t much but you do have the ability to go back and read previous days offerings.

They lay claim to an active forum community (yes there are trolls) for visitors to rant, interact and/or make asses of themselves on various topics. There is also a (pretty crappy) shopping page if you want to own a cheesy Newsarama t-shirt or badge.

Until later, when i talk about the official launch of a new “Myspace” for all of us comic geeks.


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