Spider-Man:Reign #1

ReignI just wanted to give a quick plug to the Spider-Man: Reign, 4 issue mini series. The first issue released this week and I would say that it’s a must for any fan of the webslinger.

Written, pencilled, colored and inked by Kaare Andrews of Incredible Hulk cover fame (yeah he does everything), it is set approx. 30 years in Spiderman’s future when he has basically hung up the suit and needs a kick in the ass (literally) to get out there and fight the bad guys again.

In its January 2007 (Issue #183) Wizard Magazine Reign was compared with the legendary Batman: The Dark Knight Returns mini done by Frank Miller. Kaare Andrews downplays this (he knows Wizard is playing Marvel fanboi) and it is admittedly far different, but I am looking forward to the next 3 issues and much more from this amazing talent in the future.

Definitely recommended.

Until next time…


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