I Drove By a Comic Book Store…

Uncanny X-Men #132I drove by a comic store a few months ago.

This may seem an insignificant moment to many but for me it stirred up old memories of a childhood spent haunting the local comic book store, waiting impatiently for the next shipment of Spiderman or Batman. The comics would finally arrive, and I would walk home to devour 22 pages of art and story at a time. Driving by the store also surprised me a bit. You see, I live in a smaller city (about 50 thousand people) three hours from any major city. We don’t have a hobby store or even a collectible-card retailer, the last comic book store I saw closed down six or seven years ago.

I have often blamed moving from our 4-comic-book-store city ( I remember vividly measuring a city’s size this way my senior year in high school when I found out my family was moving) to my current city for giving up what was once my true love. Sure, I used the Mile High Comics subscription service that was so commonly advertised in comic books back then, but it just wasn’t convenient to me. It took a few years of collecting this way and a new love, my wife and children, for me to finally give up comic book collecting.

The inked heroes lay untouched for the most part, dutifully bagged and boxed, in a dark closet for 15 years. I watched my three sons grow up and my wife and I grow older until I drove by that new comic book store a few months ago….and walked inside.

I am happy to say, I am in love again! So join me as I rediscover the world of newsprint and ink, courage and sacrifice, evil and mayhem. I have much to relearn, and hopefully a bit to share with those people who love, or soon will love, heroes…inked.


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